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You asked me in a previous post to see my tits…so here you are :-)
This is why we love Korean Funholes! Too bad the gif can’t play the suction sound! Sluuurp~
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Had a great time in there Mandy! Thanks for shaving and the wonderful ride! Don’t be shy, we wanna show the other guys how pretty your hole is :D
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User submission! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Too bad can’t see the face and her big titties. Keep ‘em coming!

One of my Japanese Ex’s Kaoru. Her funhole was so amazing, look at how shameless she is spreading her hole as wide as possible for you to see.

I used to shove all kinds of things in there and hear her squeal in Japanese. These pictures show u her body when she was 19. 

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msub4u said: Where are you located ?

Currently in Taiwan R.O.C., some of the most beautiful Chinese girls here. Many that are Pale, Skinny with a Big pair of Tits.

It’s up to AGS to test out and share the ones that feature beautiful funholes and pink nipples as much as possible.

I travel to Japan, SF, LA, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. AGS can name alot of the funholes we expose (or enjoyed) on the site. :)

More of the girl below shortly.

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This is Nonoka, check out her super long legs, tight young body and super fresh pink funhole. Awesome!

More Asian girls spreading wide open for you here: www.asiangirlspreads.tumblr.com

More than 13,000 followers

My Korean buddy’s ex wife. He divorced her when she turned 30 after her funhole was all torn and used up. He taped her hole wide open for all of us to see. Looks like her pink hole  still has some mileage left. Thanks!

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Beautiful Creamy Explosion!

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Wonderful Nurses, squeeze that milk out of her tits, stretch that funhole open for the camera! wooo! 

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xss0061 Part6

Hi there! Please cum play inside my pink little funhole! Let me squeeze it tight for you while u thrust it all the way in!

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Dear Followers, This is Kira Chen, she is a young Taiwanese singer and model in the girl band “Hei Se Hui”.  Check out her wonderful tits and skinny young body. She wanted to become famous, so the producers gave her a chance when she turned 18.  AGS has 3-4 full sets of Kira naked and totally exposed.

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Name: He Xin Chun 何欣纯

English Name: Kira

Birthday: March 16, 1991 (PIECES)

Age in photos: 18 (2009)

Height: 163CM | 5’3”

Tits: 88CM (34) C-Cup | Waist: 58CM (23) | Ass: 88CM (34)


  • Wetness: 5/5
  • Tightness:5/5
  • Grip: 4/5
  • Canal: S-shape
  • Condition: Barely Used

maruoniku said: Nice blog, like it!


This is Xiao Ai, I had her all summer and loosened her up (just a little) for you. She still has alot of mileage ;)  Check out that glorious funhole and evil smile, she will clamp down on you hard and make u spray your load, over and over again.

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This is Sai Sai, check out her slender firm young body. Her wonderful pink funhole still looks fresh! Enjoy! :)

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Asian girls bearing it all. Shamefully spreading open their fun holes for you to see. 

Enjoy, Follow us and tell your friends.

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